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What Is IPL Treatment for Dry Eye and How Does It Work?

A woman receives a dry eye exam from her optometrist.

Dry eye is a common condition that affects 30% of Canadians, causing discomfort in everyday life. If you’re one of those experiencing dry eye, you may have tried everything from eye drops to warm compresses, but nothing seems to work.  This is where IPL treatment comes in. IPL, or intense pulsed light therapy, is a […]

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Are Eye Exams Free in Alberta?

A young woman undergoing an eye exam administered by an eye doctor.

When it comes to taking care of overall health, one aspect often overlooked is the eyes. Regular eye exams are essential for maintaining your vision, keeping your eyes healthy, and catching any potential problems early. But many Alberta residents find themselves wondering: are eye exams free in Alberta? In Alberta, residents have access to the […]

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